Exclusive Artists of Thunderbird Artists

Over the years, Thunderbird Artists have heard artists saying,time and time again, "I only do Thunderbird Artists shows because I like the quality of the art and how they run their events." Thunderbird Artists needed to let their patrons know they had a group of artists exclusive to only their shows. If an artist is an Exclusive Artist, this indicates that they can only be seen at a Thunderbird Artists event, in at least three or more festivals a year, including the Colorado shows. Thunderbird Artists´┐Ż reputation attracts award winning artists from throughout the United States and abroad, thus producing the highest quality events, second to none.

Joanie M. Anderson

Acrylic Abstract Paintings

Guadalupe Apodaca

Native American Oil Paintings

Robert Ball

Wildlife Bronze

Allan R. Bass

Primitive Clay Sculptures

Carol Cunningham

Wildlife Bronzes

Jess Davila

Stone & Bronze Southwest Sculptures

Lydia Dillon-Sutton

Southwest Batiks

Caroll Forseth

Oil Landscape Paintings

H. Marie Hall

Native American Batiks

Linda Herst

Western Oil Paintings

Misha Malpica

Mixed Media Native American Sculptures

Pablo Antonio Milan

Abstract Oil Paintings

Jason Napier

Wildlife & Nautical Bronze Sculptures

Bill Shaddix

Western Oil Paintings

Rhonda Brewer

Lariat Baskets & Clay Sculpture

Paul Jones

Western Oil Paintings

Wei Tai

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, and Chinese brush painting